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iStep Foot Scanner

iStep Foot Scanner

Since 1974, Brown's Shoe Fit Company in College Stations has made customers smile by providing the perfect shoe for any purpose or occasion. In an effort to assist our customers in finding the right fit for their shoes, we are proud to offer an onsite iStep Foot Scanner. 

This scanner is the first step to total foot comfort and understanding more about your feet. The iStep Foot Scanning Technology quickly identifies your arch type, foot size, and pressure points. This revolutionary technology then custom selects the ideal orthotic styles for your particular needs. With the right orthotic style and in combination with the proper footwear, you can prevent unnecessary foot pain and achieve maximum foot comfort to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Brown's Shoe Fit Company carries the following arch supports and insoles:
  • Lynco Orthotic Insoles
  • Spenco Orthotic Insoles
  • New Balance Insoles

Come by Brown's Shoe Fit Company and let us help you find the perfect fit.